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For Mehran Baghaie, Operations Director and Chief Designer at Spectacle Eyeworks, located in Vancouver, B.C., being labeled as conventional would be the ultimate offense. This self-appointed ‘freak’ thrives on change and deviance from the norm. He uses his limitless creativity to shatter the boundaries of conventionalism and to take inventiveness to a higher level. With almost twenty years in all facets of the Optical Industry, Mehran has always had a yearning for the design aspect of the industry. This voyage began in 1996, with the inception of Spectacle Eyeworks.

Mehran has an unrelenting craving to be recognized along with an avid passion for fashion. Naturally, his main goal is to portray eyeglasses not as a necessity, but as a fashion accessory. Mehran attributes this mentality to the fact that sales at Spectacle Eyeworks have doubled in the past year. A long way from its humble beginnings of just four frame styles, Spectacle Eyeworks, the company’s first line, is now comprised of over sixty styles including one which recently won for Eyewear of the Year at the prestigious International Optical Fair Tokyo. The addition of three other original-concept lines has more than demonstrated Mehran’s versatile nature. A combination of extreme confidence, a fascination with sex, and his own life experiences were the inspiration for the Spexxx, Pussy Galore, and Brow Meister collections.

The idea for the Spexxx line, a collaboration with world-renowned tattoo artist, “The Dutchman”, stemmed from Gothic Tribal Art, which is an ancient form of tattooing. The intricate detail in design of each Gothic frame was meant to portray an essence of mystery and subtle seductiveness. Being a huge fan of the popular cat eye motif of the 1950’s, Mehran wanted to create a modified, updated version. The result: Pussy Galore; an ultra-feminine, super-sexy line that lives up to its wicked name. Brow Meister, Mehran’s fourth line, was influenced by his experience as a child being playfully teased about having a ‘unibrow’. Instead of forming a complex about it, he used the idea to produce a line with characteristic brow pieces.

Mehran’s passion, fearlessness and ingenuity, not to mention the fact that he gets bored easily, will guarantee that there is no end in sight to the xxx-ploits of this unconventional virtuoso.