Pussy Galore, originally inspired and adapted from the authentic cat-eye styles of the 1950’s and 60’s, continues to stay true to its vintage roots with these new additions while receiving the gift of a more modern makeover. They are updated, and with all the feline femininity of the originals.

Mehran Baghaie, Operations Director and Chief Designer at Spectacle Eyeworks, says “My goal was to give the cat-eye motif a more universal flattering appeal while continuing to maintain the authentic essence, nostalgia, and femininity of this style.”

Another uplifting aspect of these new designs is the creative color concept. Semi-transparent and ombre-effect offerings combine the fun and lightness of color with a softer allure. Most styles are available in versatile and vibrant color combinations, there is something to satisfy a vast array of tastes.

Size: 55/17 – 140